Grant Carlile's Story

We can not control the winds, we can only adjust our sails.

Startups, running, and robotics are my big buckets. When I was 12 I started working as a referee at a local paintball field and mowing lawns. For the past 22 years I have been skill-building around my passions + furiously exploring this life for experiences.

Exploration. Redirect. Exemplify. These three phases are, by my own definition, my process for how I go about my work, the world, and my life.

We seek to understanding ourselves, the world, and ourselves within the world. Our perspective of that understanding shapes us continuously.

Happiness is a fleeting moment - not years, days, or states-of-mind - we are capable of experiencing multiple moments of happiness close together, alas they are moments.

Teaching for three years on an emergency license at Penn High School after my masters was the calling that, upon reflection, would enable me to coach my high school robotics team. The gift that program gave me of focus and direction I saw playout already in the years following. My drive was to lean into that gift I was given through expanding the opportunity to more people and deepen the impact the program has on the community.

Grant Carlile Indiana Entrepreneurship Startup Running Robotics  Design is the approach I take with my work. Events and projects are the ways that, over the past 22 years, I have engaged the startup, running, and robotics spaces. I believe in leveraging diversity as a place to start, working shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate people on projects they believe in, and continuously creating relationships all along the way.  Specialties: Program Lead, Project Planning, Event Coordinator, Facilitating Teams, Decision-Making Processes, Product-Market Fit Testing, Ecosystem Building, Systems Integration, Pedagogy Design, Information Architecture, Volunteer Coordinator, Production Lead, Industrial Engineering, Workshop Facilitator, Community builder, Team Lead, Mentorship, Coaching, Public Speaking, Prototyping, User Testing, Service Design, Design Methodology, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Manufacturing Coordinator, 3D Solid Modeling, Fabrication, Assembly

We can not control the winds, we can only adjust our sails.

-Grant Carlile