Hi, my name is Grant Carlile & I'm a designer. Teams to events, design is my approach to operations.


Grant is a designer. Leading operations from teams to events, design is his approach.


Design is the approach Grant takes with his work. Events and projects are the ways that, over the past 24 years, he has engaged the startup, running, and robotics spaces. He believes in leveraging diversity as a place to start, working shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate people on projects they believe in, and continuously creating relationships all along the way.


Program Lead, Project Planning, Event Coordinator, Facilitating Teams, Decision-Making Processes, Product-Market Fit Testing, Ecosystem Building, Pedagogy Design, Information Architecture, Volunteer Coordinator, Production Lead, Industrial Engineering, Workshop Facilitator, Community builder, Team Lead, Mentorship, Coaching, Public Speaking, Prototyping, User Testing, Service Design, Design Methodology, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Manufacturing Coordinator, 3D Solid Modeling, Fabrication, Assembly